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Back in 1956 to 1958 my mom was attending a Fashion Illustration School in Springfield Massachusetts.  She would often bring me with her.  I was quite young, but I can still remember exactly what the room looked and smelled like.
It was a large room with high ceilings and large long windows that brought in lots of light.  Mrs. Feiggy (the art teacher) gave me some paper, a pencil and eraser.  I sat at the table and she placed little porcelain figurines in front of me to draw.
I was in Heaven——surrounded by easels and the smell of turpentine and oils.

Throughout my childhood one of my favorite pastimes was to be outside sketching.  Flowers, pets, trees, the clouds in the sky——whatever presented itself to me——I drew.  To this day, I love sketching and painting outdoors.  Several years ago I was
Sitting on a dock by a lake when a Mallard Duck with 10 ducklings swam into the cove.  Was it my imagination?  Or was she posing for me?  It certainly seemed that way.  I ran into the house to get my camera, they were still there when I returned, and
I took lots of pictures.  When done, they swam out of “Blueberry Cove” into the main lake and I thought “that will be the name of my new business, Blueberry Cove Creations.” 

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