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In all seasons, whenever I sit down to rest during a hike, a flock of chickadees is guaranteed to appear. I love their calls, and the sound that their wings make as they flit from branch to branch: inching their way towards me with great curiosity. One time a chickadee hung upside down from a branch about a foot away and stared at me for the longest time.


Great Blue Heron
One afternoon while canoeing on Pine River, a Great Blue Heron suddenly rose up right beside the canoe. So close the wind from its wings blew my hair back from my face. "Wow! How can I capture that moment in a painting!" I thought.


While taking a break during a hike I saw five, yes five Eagles taking a water bath on the edge of the lake. A sight never seen by me before or since. However, it was not unusual to see an Eagle fly overhead while boating on Mountain Lake.


In mid Summer I love watching the Damselflies flit around the wild flowers at the edge of the lake. I often sketch outdoors, and was able to sketch this Damselfly that had landed on my knee. I brought the sketch inside and there created the painting.


I have honestly never seen two Moose grazing in a lake. But one night during a full moon I dreamt it. As soon as I woke, I went to the easel to capture the image in my dream before it faded away.


Painted Turtles were scarcely seen on Pine River for awhile. But one year I saw one and created this painting to celebrate its return. And each year thereafter they increased in number.


One morning while canoeing on Pine River, I came around a bend and saw a deer drinking at the edge. Behind the rise I heard another deer bugle an alarm. The deer leapt back into the woods. I used several summer photos as reference for this painting: the snow was from my imagination.


I did not see the Great Horned Owl at Mountain Stream, but heard him hooting in the distance while hiking. I and some of my family members have taken many photos along this trail. I used several photos and sketches as reference for this painting.


Winter Companions
One Winter whenever I looked out at my bird feeder, I would see a Tufted Titmouse and a White Throated Sparrow together. Sometimes at the feeder, and sometimes on a branch waiting their turn. They became my Winter Companions.


One summer night while camping out in a tee pee on top of Council Rock, I dreamt of a fox in the snow. Again I have never been on Council Rock in Winter so I used my imagination.


Spring Peeper
For fifteen years I lived beside a pond with thousands of Spring Peepers. Some nights they were so loud I had to cover my ears while walking from the car to the house. One night I decided to see if I could find one. With flashlight and camera I found quite a few.


One morning I was lying in a hammock above Pine River when suddenly a hummingbird landed on the big toe of my left foot. He rested there for quite some time, while I watched amazed.


Beaver Lodge by Mountain Lake
While boating one early evening, I heard what sounded like a human baby.  With my over active imagination, I was convinced that there was a baby floating on the lake in a basket.  Paddling as fast as I could towards the cry I came upon a beaver lodge.  Then silence.  An adult beaver appeared in front of me, slapped her tail and dove under towards the lodge.  A few seconds later two or three babies were crying. Beaver babies that is


Bumblebees Frolicking in the Narrows
One afternoon I took the boat into the Narrows; my desire was to get photos of the Water Lilies.  The Lilies were in full bloom, and as I drifted into the Cove my head was suddenly filled with a very loud buzzing sound. At first I didn't know where it was coming from, and then I began to see all the Bumble Bees.  There were hundreds!  Two or three were rolling around in the center of the flower, covered in pollen, while two or three waited their turns.



Loon Feather on West Beach
My son and I came across many loon feathers on the beach one evening.  I chose one as well as a hand full of stones.  I arranged them on my art table and created this painting.


Killdeer in the Meadow
A friend of mine told me about a Killdeer nest they discovered on the ground while mowing their meadow. They stopped mowing so that the nest would be protected.  She and her husband were rewarded with many happy hours watching the babies grow into adulthood


Loons at Dawn
While hiking along the edge of Pine Lake I spied two adult Loons with babies close by.  I quickly sat down, raised the binoculars, and saw that the parents were teaching their young how to fish.  I sat there for at least 20 minutes watching, knowing that this was a rare privilege.


Mushrooms in Cathedral Forest
There was a trail through the Cathedral Forest that I loved walking barefoot.  I loved the contrast of shadow and light.  The shadow with moss was cool and springy, the pine needles in the sun were soft and warm beneath my feet.  The ferns grew thick on either side of the trail. and the mushrooms were prolific after the rain.


Northern Flicker at the Gardens Edge
Whether planting or weeding, I have a habit of singing when I am in my garden.  I sometimes become so absorbed in what I am doing, that I lose awareness of my surroundings.  However one morning, I suddenly became aware that someone was watching.  I slowly turned my head to the right, and there was a Flicker intently listening to my song right beside me.


Trumpeter Swans, Partners for Life
I read a story about two Swans at the edge of a lake in late Summer.  The female had a broken wing, and was rescued and brought to a bird sanctuary nearby.  While healing, she and her mate would call to each other every day.  By the time she was released the lake was just about frozen over, but there was her mate waiting for her in a tiny circle of water.  He rose up from the lake to meet her just in time to migrate.


Skiers at the Stone House

I personally have never cross country skied in this area.  I have heard from others that it is quite thrilling to ski across the frozen lake, and along the trails in the woods.


Winter Silos
The Silos were buildings that I sketched every summer.  Each year I would pick a different vantage point.  This Winter scene was created from Summer sketches.


The Homestead
The Homestead was a cabin that I traveled by many times in a 25 year period.  Never to my knowledge was it occupied during this time. This is how I imagined it would look if it were.


Winter Fun at the Cabin
I wish I could say this cabin existed.  Maybe it does and I just haven't found it.

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